Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Ptowngal Campaign Awards (PCA)


In light of the recent award show orgy, I've decided to throw my own into the dirty mix. Introducing the first seasonal Ptowngal Campaign Awards (PCA), designed to showcase the best campaigns of each season. These awards are not gender discriminative! This season's categories are the following:

The Adventurous Advantage: breaks with the label's generic look- for the better!

The Beauty Benchmark: makes your eyes pop and your jaw drop

The Cool Cat: cool is making a comeback- it's all about attitude!

The Creative Cornerstone: creativity is key

The Energy Escape: gives you a workout just by looking at it

The Funny Factor: most funny- duh!

The Natural Neverland: the world is paradise

The Peace Promoter: promotes cultural awareness/world peace

The Romantic Rally: love sells

The Sexy Siren: brings sexyback

The Star Smash: best celebrity campaign

The Super Seller: most likely to make bank

It's March Madness- you don't want to miss out on all the fun!

You know you love me!
xoxo ptowngal

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