Sunday, May 1, 2011

Modern Day Rip Van Winkle

Back from the dead! Did you miss me? It's been what- almost 2 and 1/2 years since I last posted? That's like 1923847 years when it comes to blogging... don't want to think about how many lifetimes that is in the fashion industry. Is it bad that I had to google my blog to find it? Apparently, 20 other blogs and Myspaces are now called Model Mentality, so I just hope that my readers haven't gotten lost in the meantime! For the record, I was the first!

How crazy is it that since I started this blog in 2008, "new faces" have become industry vets? Vladimir Ivanov- remember him? You can now see him steaming up all the hottest runways and flashing you his pearly whites in the Sisley S/S 2011 campaign with Ahmad "AJ" Abualrub and one of my female faves/fellow Oregonian, Darla Baker! Whattup, Ptown?

(image source: TFS, IAmLordZen)

Four years is a long time, and while I love to see all the fresh new faces, it's sad to see some of my favorites go. Let's just say that I have a lot of catching up to do, but don't worry- my eyes are still in working order. Just because I've been MIA doesn't mean that I haven't been looking! So coming soon to a computer or smartphone near you (this summer to be a little more precise): more new faces and more updates on the classics. Excited? You should be!

You know you love me!
xoxo ptowngal


Narcissistically yours. said...

thanks SO MUCH for blogging again ! :) btw this is one of your lost lost pals at tfs ha. love it keep it up and FOLLOWING.

ptowngal said...

Aww thanks! I really didn't think anyone had stuck around after all this time so now I'm really inspired to keep going! haha <3 New post coming soon featuring one of our favorite tfsers! :)