Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And the winner is...

Nobody I liked. The VMAN/Ford Model Search Finalists were announced, and I have to say that I am disappointed. There were so many other guys that had much more potential. As for the finalists themselves? I scrolled through every single page on entrants and did not see them once. And if I did? They didn't stand out, because obviously I don't remember them. This is not to say that AJ, Petey, and Adam are completely devoid of any model characteristics. They can be models, but I doubt their potential to be blue chip.

But what a letdown! I don't see the point of V Magazine encouraging the participation of voters if the vote count obviously plays no role in the ultimate decision. It's not like the agency conducting the search is going to let the general public tell them who to sign. They'll sign who they want. The voting just gets the participants hopes up, which only leads to them crashing and burning in the end.

VMagazine/Supreme's model search is just beginning, hopefully the results will turn out more favorable. It should be interesting- Anya Kop (excuse me, Anya Rozova)- has entered the contest and sits comfortably in the #1 position of voting glory. Do you think she has what it takes to be the latest Supreme wondergirl?

You know you love me!
xoxo ptowngal

Update: Anya is no longer entered in the competition. She has either withdrawn or has been removed. It is also possible that her entry was fake.

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