Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Hiatus

If you'd been living in my house for the past couple weeks, you'd know my computer is about to croak. It's old, my dad built it, and all my Gossip Girl Episodes are causing it to freeze. It's a PC! It shouldn't be doing this! The sudden death of my photo uploader is the first symptom of what I predict will be one big long downward spiral, and without any photos, how is anyone supposed to enjoy the lovely new faces that keep popping up all over the place?

So I'm taking a bit of a forced leave until a) my dad fixes the problem OR b) graduation (when I get my promised laptop).

But don't worry! I'm not going to leave y'all in the dark. As you may have heard, VMAN and Ford are having a model search. It's open casting, meaning just about anyone can join.

Screw rankings. Here are the guys who I think have a shot.

Renan Bonin
Barrett Pall
Alex Corses
Gabriel Scalco
Facundo Renzone
Tyler Oyer
Jhaysonn Pathak

Eat your heart out!

You know you love me!
xoxo ptowngal


Belowen said...

Wow, your blog is great for eye candy, lol. xx B

ptowngal said...

Which is precisely the point! haha. <3