Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back in Black?

Well it's been a long time and I owe every(one) who actually reads this blog an apology. I know you're here for the models, but to give you a little explanation why I've been so MIA, I've just finished my first month of college/university and am still trying to keep my head above the water. At this point I'm very afraid of drowning. So while I'm hoping for a comeback, posts will be a little irregular for this term. In the meantime, please enjoy this wonderful editorial by Kevin Thomas starring one of my favorites, Vladimir Ivanov (Wilhelmina), and his brother Andrey (Ford Paris). Could we be seeing another fabulous brother pairing in the industry?

In Times of War
Photographer: Kevin Thomas
Models: Vladimir Ivanov, Andrey Ivanov, Chris Brew

(image source:

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nacy taylor said...

An african americn model ? about time! and he is very gorgeous.
Love the photogrophy