Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Props to Korto Momulo for putting on a fabulous show- I would wear anything in her collection. But it wasn't Korto who was King (excuse me, Queen) of the Jungle...  How much do I love Leanne Marshall from Project Runway?! Besides the fact that she's my homegirl (Ptown represent!),  she was the most fashion forward of the finalists this season. Her collection was gorgeous and her use of sustainable fabrics and materials scored some definite brownie points. I have to say, that summer article in the Oregonian had me worried that she wouldn't make it. Every elimination I held my breath thinking that this was the week Leanne would be cut. After all, "She filmed five or six weeks," doesn't seem like all that much to those of us who think on a weekly elimination basis. And while Nina Garcia and the others worry about her being able to break out of her petal phase, the preview for her fall collection should put their worries to rest. So far everything looks so good! Think structure, sophistication, and elegance. It's Leanimal, and it's FIERCE.
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