Saturday, December 27, 2008


(image source: Kevin Thomas)

San Francisco saw the success of the hommes from fellow west coast city, Portland (aka my town), and is issuing a challenge in response! City Models SF's discovery joins the ranks of the Ivanov brothers and has made quite a splash! The phenomenal response to this young newcomer's blue steel in the Kevin Thomas editorial "In Times of War" (posted earlier) is enough to get anyone excited. But the fashion industry isn't the only one interested in him (think college basketball), so when he isn't staring down the camera lens we can look to ESPN next year and root for him on the courts. But for now let's hope basketball is willing to share. 

You know you love me!
xoxo ptowngal


"Scoot Rivers" said...

Omg this model is gorgeous, his look will destroy up this industry.

Anonymous said...

Scoot Rivers, i agree with you tremendously. He will tear up the modeling world due to his exotic features.
(Nice new face Pptowngal)

Rick Perez said...

I spoke with his agent and she said chris will be in New York this summer. I saw him walk at a benetton fashion show in Sf and when he makes eye contact with you all you think is wow.

Rick P.

Anonymous said...

Hot ass Black gUy!!

brew said...

HELLO ptowngal..

My name is Chris Brew the model in this pic shot shot by kev thomas. was wondering if you could please remove this photo from your blog. I am now interviewing for corporate jobs and the old modleing photos are hurting me from getting a job.

Thanks so much!